Frankie Solarik Bio, Age, Height, Family, Wife, Children, Drink Masters, Salary and Net Worth

Frankie Solarik Biography

Frankie Solarik is an American bartender and well-known mixologist, he began bartending when he was 18, around the year 1998. Further, Frankie is going to be a judge and guide in Drink Masters, a reality Tv series on Netflix on October 28, 2022.

Frankie Solarik Age

Solarik was born in 1979 in the United States of America. He is hence, 43 years old as of 2022.

Frankie Solarik Height

Solarik stands at a height of 1.71m, and his weight is about 72kg. He is an American by nationality.

Frankie Solarik Family

Solarik has not disclosed his family members, parents, and siblings. Mostly because he does not necessarily find this information useful to the public. We will keep you posted should this information be available.

Frankie Solarik
Frankie Solarik

Frankie Solarik Wife

Solarik is happily married to Leanne Neufeld, she works as a photographer and creative director and studied photography at Sheridan College. Leanne first worked for THP between the years 2017 and 2018. As of now, she is a culinary photographer based in Toronto as a freelancer. In addition, she has been the resident photographer of Frankie’s restaurant, BarChef, since 2012. Further, she is the creative director of the bar, and on many occasions, Frankie gives her the necessary appreciation. The couple is blessed with two children whose names we will update later.

Frankie Solarik Career

Solarik began his bartending job when he was only 18, around 1998. He first worked at The Cigar Box in London, Ontario, he mainly served Cognac and single malts, but classic cocktails were still in demand. Because of his passion for the job, he learned so fast the ways of mixing drinks in a perfect way. Within a short time, Frankie started implementing his creativity and vision as he served his customers and soon he became so good at it. Because he liked to learn, he also learned that tobaccos, cognacs, and single malts taste great and hence, tried mixing them, he eventually perfected the art and got high demand for the mix.

In the 1990s,  Solarik was doing well as a high-volume bartender, he then decided to go to Tocqueville in Manhattan to improve his skills. Although he had not done this before, nothing stopped him from trying and wanting to learn more. He would, therefore, find any new drink, he would try to be creative, and mix it here and there, in the most modernist way and if he liked it, he would then serve it to his clients. But no matter how long it took, he had to finish it all the way down to the last ingredient and then move on to the next course.

Frankie Solarik 21st Century

At the beginning of the 21st century,  Solarik moved back to Toronto and shortly decided to start his own business. Immediately after he began doing placements, he got jobs at Rain, Luce, and finally Kultura. He did not stop at that, during his free time, he would watch famous chefs like Susur Lee, Guy Fieri, and Grant Achatz of Alinea, considering he was a creative artist, he put all that knowledge together and got better by the day.

Frankie on the other hand loved making his own drinks, but he would still get ideas from strange places. He once discovered cucumber-and-melon bath soap for his baby and the muted trumpet on Sketches of Spain, and his creativity grew. Actually, Frankie was the first person to put together the strangest combinations, which would then turn out to be the best sellers. He has a unique method that works miracles since those smells go well with the cheese. Again, his business did well because, even before he started his own, he first helped other companies come up with new ideas.  But it seems that all along, he was just trying to make a name for himself and his business partner, Brent.

Frankie Solarik Drink Masters

Now, out of his expertise, Drink Masters, a new United States Tv  Reality Show on Netflix showing in October 2022, has welcomed Frankie Solarik, for being the most well-known mixologist to judge and guide the participants. Further, he charmed the contestants and the viewers with his skills, knowledge, and zeal. Should want to talk to him, contact him at Frankie Solarik(@frankiesolarik). You can also follow him on Instagram where he has 27.6k Followers, 56 Following, and 720 posts.

Frankie Solarik Salary

Solarik’s salary is about $175,000 per year.

Frankie Solarik Net Worth

 Solarik’s estimated net worth is $4.5 million. His primary source is his job as a businessman and an author.

Social Media Accounts

 Solarik is active on social media and he posts personal and work-related stuff from time to time. He has over 2000 followers on Instagram, about 1500 on Facebook, and around 2300 on Twitter.