Justin Roman Bio, Age, Height, Wife / Gay, Family, Children, Singer, Education, and Net Worth

Justin Roman Biography

Justin Roman has been performing since he was a freshman in high school, he also has had very many music groups at various events like school dances and festivals not forgetting recently in nightclubs. Roman does not limit his talents or potential, so he is well-rounded as a singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, as well as disc jockey, and doing so well in all of them.

Justin Roman Age

Roman was born on May 17, 1977, he is hence, 45 years old as of 2022.

Justin Roman Height

Roman stands at an average height and weight. His height is 1.7m, and his weight is about 71kg.

Justin Roman Family

Roman has not disclosed his family members, parents, and siblings. Mostly because he does not necessarily find this information useful to the public. We will keep you posted should this information be available.

Justin Roman
Justin Roman’s photo

Justin Roman Wife

It seems Roman has not yet revealed who his life partner is, or perhaps, he has not yet found the love of his life. We will keep tabs and update you soon. He also has no past record of having any children, no he is not gay, he just likes to keep a low profile on his personal life.

Justin Roman Singer

The founder of the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, LFO, and others, Louis J. Pearlman was looking for talents together with his Trans-Continental Records staff. They had 500 boys who had presented their talents, and they were quick to notice Justin Roman and one more boy, in Justin, they were able to see so many talents and of course, they quickly picked him. This audition was taking place at a Chicago audition for an upcoming pop boy band and television series. Louis J. Pearlman and his staff thought so highly of his talents, in fact, that they then flew Justin Roman down to Orlando as ONE of the top TWENTY-FIVE finalists across the entire nation.

Justin started his recording as half of the production team FUNKY J’s on the Chicago dance music label Underground Construction. Actually, under the FUNKY J’s (Justin Roman and Joshdafunky1), they were able to release two highly successful self-produced 12″ singles; “Dance Allnite” (UC-172) and “Funkdafied” (UC-189), these ended up on big nationally released dance compilations. Then, because of his passion for vocal music, Justin was able to become half of the pop dance group GROOVE JAM (Justin Roman and Suzie C.).

New Release

In fact, between 1998 and 1999, GROOVE JAM was able to release different versions of their debut hit called “Push It Up” they were all written by Justin. Actually”Push It Up” was released on the independent Chicago label  Throb Records. This is co-owned by Chicago’s B96 D.J. Tim Spinnin’ Schommer, and it also found its way to many top-selling dance compilations. Again towards the end of 1999, Justin was able to write and record the theme song for the 1999 B96 Summer B-Bash. Luckily, it was able to receive heavy radio rotation on B96 hyping Chicago about the upcoming performances of Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, N’Sync, Busta Rhymes, and many more.

Justin Roman Education

Roman graduated from Elmhurst College (Elmhurst, IL) with a Music Business major in the year 2000. When he was just about to finish college, he worked as an intern for Chicago’s top-rated radio station B96 (96.3 FM). Then later, he was hired on to work for the same station. Justin continued to work for B96 from January 2000 to August of the same year then he left to pursue his musical career full-time. However, he up-to-date maintains a great working relationship with them.  As of now, he constantly writes and records, Justin Roman’s music which spans various genres like pop, hip-hop, dance music, and much more. One thing is clear, JUSTIN ROMAN WON’T STOP UNTIL HE REACHES THE TOP!!! It does not matter whether he sings, raps, or makes people dance or grind.

Justin Roman’s Net Worth

Roman’s estimated net worth is $ 3 Million as of 2022. His primary source is his income as a singer and songwriter.