Paula Tutman Bio, Age, Height, Family, Husband, Children, WDIV Local 4, Salary and Net Worth

Paula Tutman Biography

Paula Tutman is an American award-winning Journalist, Novelist, Screenplay writer, Communication Coach, and Inventor. Currently, Paula works for WDIV Local 4 Michigan since 1992 when she joined the station.

Paula Tutman Age

Tutman was born on August 21, 1976, in the United States of America. She is hence, 46 years old as of 2022.

Paula Tutman Height

Tutman stands at a height of 1.71m, and her weight is about 65kg.

Paula Tutman Family

Tutman’s family is one that is full of over-achievers. For instance, her elder brother is a law professor who also works as a professional environmentalist, he takes on big-time corporate polluters in Maryland to protect tributaries and watersheds. Additionally, Paula also has a twin sister called Lisa, who is also an Emmy award-winning journalist.

Paula Tutman
Paula Tutman’s photo

Paula Tutman Husband

Tutman is happily married to Johnny Menifee. The two tied the knot on September 9th, 2009. In fact, they celebrated their 10th anniversary in September 2018. Paula met Johnny on a blind motorcycle date, they then started doing personal visits, and they eventually got closer, they then run away to Alaska to get married. They did not want anyone to follow them. Further, Paula raises Johnny’s children,  three beautiful and brilliant daughters as their stepmother.

Paula Tutman Career

Tutman was brought up in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and Tanzania, East Africa, where she actually spent most of her childhood. No wonder she pronounces the word, “again” as “a-gayne.” She is currently an award-winning Journalist for WDIV Local 4 Michigan, she joined this station in 1992 when she was very young, actually, she was only 16 years old. Ever since she has been working there as a general assignment officer.

Besides journalism, Paula also does community work as her second full-time job where she also invites the community to get involved with the care of their fellows. Additionally, she loves everything outdoors and will be out most of the time enjoying nature. In addition, she enjoys gardening, sailing, cycling, cross-country skiing, painting, writing, theatre, National Geographic television, as well as opera. On the other hand, Paula is an award-winning author, she has in recently time written her third thriller novel and first screenplay.

Children’s Tooth Fairy Foundation

In addition, she is among the founder and board chairs of the Children’s Tooth Fairy Foundation. This is a 501c3, non-profit organization that educates children about matters dental.  It also funds the children underserved children who are not insured in Southeastern, Michigan, not forgetting the children of active military personnel. You can reach them via their Website: Paula is also actively serving in community work for many other area organizations. Especially those that provide services for children or support music and the arts.

Paula Tutman Salary

Tutman’s salary is about $105,000 per year.

Paula Tutman’s Net Worth

Tutman’s estimated net worth is $2.1 million. Her primary source is her job as an award-winning Journalist, Novelist, and Screenplay writer.

Social Media Accounts

Tutman is active on social media and she posts personal and work-related stuff from time to time. She has over 2000 followers on Instagram, about 1500 on Facebook, and around 2300 on Twitter.