Vicki Liviakis Bio, Age, Height, Family, Husband, Children, KRON 4, Salary, and Net Worth

Vicki Liviakis Biography

Vicki Liviakis is an American journalist serving as a KRON 4 News anchor. She provides live newscasts on weekdays at 5 p.m. Liviakis joined KRON News in 2001. At KFRC Radio in San Francisco, Vicki started her broadcasting career as an anchor and news director. She continued on after leaving KFRC to serve as an anchor at Metro Traffic Control, K101 Radio, and KGO Radio in San Francisco.

Vicki Liviakis Age

Liviakis has not disclosed details in regard to her birth date or age. However judging from her looks, she ought to be in her forties. We will keep you posted.

Vicki Liviakis Height

Liviakis stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches and has a weight of about 68 kg.

Vicki Liviakis Family

When asked who had the largest impact on her life, Vicki responded that her father had. But he passed much too soon. She claimed that he called her a slugger and home run hitter, taught her baseball at the age of two and had always believed in her.

Vicki Liviakis
Vicki Liviakis

Her mother is her influence now. She is curious, eccentric, and unyielding. She used to be frustrated by her frail age and poor health, but only recently has she been able to show love, grace, and patience above all else. Vicki has however not disclosed the identity of her parents. We will keep you posted should this information be available.

Vicki Liviakis Husband

Liviakis is married to Randy Fry. She has however not disclosed much information about her husband. Vicki also has no record of having children or she just likes to maintain a low profile. We will keep tabs and update you.

Vicki Liviakis Career

Vicki pursued journalism at UC Berkeley. Broadcast journalism was then considered to be the ugly stepchild. Fortunately, Vickie secured an internship at a cable TV station, and after persistently pressuring the news director, she was allowed to go on air. There was an issue with her name. Vicki Liviasskis, Vivka Lavarkian, and other such names have been used to refer to her. Les Garland, the famed KFRC’s program director (who later co-founded MTV), argued for three days about a simpler, less ethnic on-air moniker before hiring her to host radio newscasts. After all, there were DJs like Machine Gun Kelly, Marvelous Mark, and Dr. Don.

In the end, she was unable to come up with something more memorable, so she stuck with her Greek name and continued to confound the ignorant. Vickie continued with Vicki Liviakis and went on to serve as a journalist for network news and anchor the nightly news in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The West,” “In America,” “Day and Date,” on CBS, and NBC’s “Real Life” are just a few of the local and national television programs that Liviakis went on to anchor, host, and report for. Her 30-minute Travel Update show and Consumer Travel Reports were distributed on more than 100 TV stations in the United States and a few other nations.

Vicki has hosted live shows from Hollywood to Hong Kong and currently hosts the KRON 4 Dine & Dish segment. Vicki looks up to Oriana Fallaci, an Italian journalist, and author who dared to confront the world’s demons and came out on top. Liviakis pursued her studies in politics and journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. She calls San Francisco home.

Vicki Liviakis Salary

Liviakis earns an average salary of $75,000 annually.

Vicki Liviakis’ Net Worth

Liviakis has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her primary source of income is her job as a KRON 4 News anchor.

Vicki Liviakis’s Social Media Accounts

Liviakis is active on social media and she posts personal and work-related stuff from time to time. She has over 2000 followers on Instagram, 1500 on Facebook, and 2300 on Twitter.

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